Research Manager/Historian/Team Member

“I never go into an investigation thinking that something is going to happen, but hoping that it will. I have never personally seen a ghost. I can feel when there is something with a bad energy but I’m still waiting for my first ghostly experience. The house I lived in in college was believed to be haunted. I never saw anything, but my roommate, friends and other people had seen a man wearing a black trench coat in the house.  Later, I researched the house and who lived there, I found that man who often wore a trench coat died in our basement due to alcoholism. The only things I ever heard was some knocking on the walls and the TV would go on and off on it’s own. I do believe that something is out there!

Cathy moved to Maryland from Pennsylvania in 2006 with her husband. She joined another Maryland team, in 2007 as an investigator and then later became the research manager. Cathy joined us and BWP in the spring of 2017 after working with many BWP members on the former team.  While she has since moved back to Pennsylvania, she remains an important, integregal part of the team as our Research Manager and Historian.