Co-Founder/Case Manager/Investigator 

What originally brought Lori to our team is a love for all things unusual. ¬†“I have been interested in the paranormal since a young age, after losing my father at age 3. I have always wondered if he was still with me in some way. My main focus is helping the people I talk with cope with the feelings they are having regarding the phenomena happening in their home or business.”

After some unique paranormal experiences, Lori decided to find a team that was dedicated to truly finding answers through scientific means. Her search led her to a local paranormal team where she spent almost 10 years as an investigator and Case Manager. Leaving that team after so long was a hard decision to make. But, after teaming up with other former members, Lori decided to help form a new team, Baltimore Washington Paranormal.

Lori is married with 3 grown sons and a beautiful granddaughter. She enjoys art, and making unique jewelry from sea glass and other old treasures that she collects.